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Yep, we're the ones who make Today's Family happen. Today's Publications, LLC is located at 9750 Ormsby Station Road, Suite 307 in Louisville. Contact us at (502) 327-8855. We'd love to hear from you! We'd love to hear from you!
Cathy Zion Cathy Zion
Publisher cathy@todayspublications.com
Anita Oldham
Anita Oldham
Editor-in-Chief anita@todayspublications.com
Tiffany White Tiffany White
Editor tiffany@todayspublications.com

Elaine Rooker Jack
Assistant Editor
Miranda Popp Miranda Popp
TodaysFamilyNow.com Editor miranda@todayspublications.com
Jessica Alyea Jessica Alyea
Assistant Editor/Designer jessica@todayspublications.com

Susan Allen Susan Allen
Advertising Director susan@todayspublications.com
Teri Hickerson Teri Hickerson
Account Executive teri@todayspublications.com
Alissa Hicks Alissa Hicks
Media Associate alissa@todayspublications.com

Suzy Hillebrand Suzy Hillebrand
Account Executive suzy@todayspublications.com
Joyce Inman Joyce Inman
Account Executive joyce@todayspublications.com
Kaitlyn TewKaitlyn Tew
Account Executive kaitlyn@todayspublications.com

Kathy Bolger Kathy Bolger
Graphic Designer kathyb@todayspublications.com
April Allman April Allman
Graphic Designer april@todayspublications.com
Melissa Donald Melissa Donald
Photographer/Food Writer melissa@todayspublications.com
Jillian LeMaster
Jillian LeMaster
Office Administrator
Earl Zion
W. Earl Zion
Circulation Manager


  1. Why do you make it so hard to enter the Teedub contest? It should be fun to find it and enter not make a person crazy!!

    1. We're sorry if it's been difficult to enter! Here is the link you need for the webpage about Teedub. It is found on TodaysWomanNow.com on the sidebar under "What's Happening Now." Click the button that has her picture on it. http://www.todayswomannow.com/p/find-teedub.html#.VRR0vTvF94w To enter, though, all you need to do is send an email to tiffany@todayspublications.com with the page number you found Teedub on and your info. We like to give our readers a challenge in finding her, but she definitely was harder to find this time! Thanks for participating! :)


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