The Spring Issue of Today's Family Is Out!

You can find the latest issue of Today's Family magazine — inside the March issue of Today's Woman ! That's two magazin...


Today's Family magazine is six years old. Our mission is to provide parents in the Kentucky and Indiana areas with the resources they need to maintain a strong and healthy family unit. 

Current Issue: Spring 2017

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  1. Where can I get 5 copies? My wonderful son in law was unfortunate enough to discard the sack of gifts in the story "Worst Christmas Ever". It wasn't the worst Christmas by any means. It all worked out and now we have a good laugh. The joy in Christmas was not in that bag of gifts but the gift of Christ in our hearts.

    1. Hi Dee, we're glad everything worked out that day! :) You can pick up the magazine at many area Krogers and YMCAs around Louisville. Or, email us at april [at] if you would like a special reprint.

  2. The current issue fall magazine does it have a Ryan Connors in it?


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