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Monday, December 19, 2011

Having a Ball!

Are you invited to The Ball?

Well, my house is no castle, but there is a yearly Ball. It has been called The Masquerade Ball, The Goodwill Ball, The SnowBall, and now just, The Ball.

Who’s Invited: Teenagers
Dress: Dressed up – dresses and suits and ties ( you might see some tuxes)
Activities: Dancing – and eating

For the last six years, we have hosted a teenage dance party at our house. The open layout and wood floors make the perfect dance floor and the lack of sitting space (once we move the furniture) encourages the once-dance-shy teens to start dancing. The Ball began with my daughter’s freshman year when several of her friends decided to have a Masquerade Ball. I met with the 14-year-olds who were the planning committee (which involved planning furniture-moving help, food preparation, and music – which they all managed) and the rest is history. Once she graduated, my oldest son and his friends took the helm, and perhaps it will be handed down to the youngest 14-year-old next year.
They have a blast and love dressing up in their best clothing and just plain dancing!

Whatever age or interests of your guests this year, just do what you can and have fun. We all stress too much over trying to make everything perfect.
What gathering are you trying to make perfect this year? Any tips you can pass onto the rest of us?
Contributed by Anita Oldham, Editor, Today’s Family and Today’s Woman magazines.


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