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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gifts- What and Where!

We have some helpful tips from Amy Holley, owner of HolleyWrap, Louisville's Premier Gifting Service.

1. I have three days until Christmas… what should I get my spouse and not make it look "last minute"?

It's always a good idea to go with a theme, especially when you get the details right.  Say your spouse is a major Ryan Adams fan … buy the tickets online (Palace Theatre, Jan 30), add a Louisville Originals restaurant gift card (can be purchased at ValuMarket or the Louisville Visitors Center ), make the dinner reservation (you can always change reservation place/date/time with any participating restaurant), and maybe pick-up a cool Ryan Adams t-shirt or CD.

Your spouse loves to cook? Our city has great services and stores for foodies. Schedule a cooking class with Mary Wheatley (Cook with Mary), visit Lotsa Pasta or any one of our boutique markets, and pick up a few amazing products … think aged balsamic vinegars and exotic olive oils & spices, bourbon-smoked sugars & salts. Buy cookware, if that's not already a staple in your kitchen, and a great cookbook - Julia Child's "The Art of French Cooking" and Erma Rombauer's "The Joy of Cooking" are classic heavies, but your cook may be more suited to an Ellie Krieger volume.

Lastly … nothing, but nothing, says “last minute” like a gift bag. Wrap the gifts [with paper] with all of the love in your heart. Your spouse will be delighted!

2. There are a few dollars left in the checking account… what can Santa buy with that?

Create an experience that involves your imagination, time, and a little dough. How about a gift-boxed taste of Louisville?  For $25, you can fill a box with a single pack of Red Hot Roasters Coffee (brews 6-8 cups), a couple of their chocolate espresso bars, Coco's Chocolate Cafe chocolate dipped praline almonds and Stellar Sweets Oatmeal Crisps.

3. Where should I go to fill the stockings?

The Butchertown Market is one of the most fun and affordable shopping venues in town.
Work the Metal has a great selection of classic and quirky stocking stuffers for men, women and children. The prices are hard to beat for their mix of fun and functional items.


Moss Hill Bath & Body Collection has lovely handmade, heavenly-scented soaps and personal pampering products for everyone.

Plus, there is a chocolatier!


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