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Monday, December 5, 2011

Looks Like a New Tradition

So what's new this holiday season?
Frankly, I'm less interested in starting anything new than backing off on some of the old stuff!  But quite by accident, we may have the start of a new tradition at our house, if I'm lucky!
Fact: Our TV is going through a midlife crisis: it's having green flashes. My IT expert cousin says that the picture tube is about to go. (What's a picture tube, you ask? Something Moses invented, I think.)
Fact: Finances at our house are tight this year. (Show me a house where they aren't!)
Fact: My girls have outgrown making the 5-page “gimme” list, but they've not outgrown the desire to get stuff.
Solution: There's going to be a TV under our tree this year - a "family present" - and not much else. (Although Santa and two Grandmas can still be depended on to come through!)

My girls have been warned, and they're remarkably cheerful about it; I think they are eager to watch something - anything - in which the entire cast isn't green-skinned Orion slave girls from Star Trek, the Original Series.

Voila! A new tradition. Maybe.
Wonder if my girls would go for the idea of a new sofa next year . . . ?

Contributed by Elaine Jack, Assistant Editor of Today’s Family magazine.
Photo source: Geek Philosopher


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