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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Say “Yes” to the Mess!

Ornament Krispie Pic
I am always telling my 3 ½ and 5 ½ year old, "No."  "No," they can't help me in the Queen of Treats kitchen.  "No," they can't eat what we're baking.  "No," we're not having a party, and this cake isn't for them!  What a bummer!

So, during the holidays, I like to spend some time in our kitchen at home getting messy, creating masterpieces and enjoying the laughter!

This year, we're making "Ornament Krispies"!!  Not difficult, but definitely fun!  Just use round puff cereal in your Rice Krispie recipe!  I like Capn' Crunch OOPS! All Berries, and Trix bright colors and Kix work well for decorating!

Shape the cereal krispies into balls; placing them in a muffin tin helps them hold their shape.  Once cooled, the kids can decorate with M & M's, Skittles, or whatever you have around!  Just use a little candy melt or icing as glue to hold the candies.  For ornament hangers, break the hook off of a mini-candy cane and use candy melt to attach... or attach a Rolo upside down. Tie a ribbon around to finish it off! You can also place these in decorative cupcake liners or wrap in cling wrap to give to friends!

"Yes," you're going to get sticky!  "Yes," you're going to have fun!  And, "Yes," it will be a tradition you will want to continue!  As busy as we are during the holidays, I've found it's always important to stop and say, "YES!"  I hope your family enjoys this idea as much as we have!

Happy Holidays!

Contributed by Erin Haynes Reed of Queen of Treats.


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