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Friday, February 3, 2012

“I Love You an Ocelet!”

Are you looking for a super-unique way to say, “Be Mine,” this Valentine’s Day?  If so, look no further than the Louisville Zoo’s Lovebird Package.  Now through February 10, this Valentine’s message package is only $60 and includes an animal adoption certificate, a picture of your selected animal, the adoptive parent’s name on the Louisville Zoo website, and a plush animal from the Zoo gift shop.

Who wouldn’t love one of these sweet messages!
Grizzly Bear - “I can’t bear to be without you!”
Brazilian Ocelot - “I love you an ocelot.”
Amur (Siberian) Tiger - “You’re the purrr-fect Amur for me!”
Western Lowland Gorilla - “I go ape over you!”
African Lion - “I ain’t lion, you’re my Valentine!”
Wart Hog - “Hogs & kisses to you!”
Hissing Cockroach - “I’m your love bug”
African Elephant - “I could never forget you Valentine, I love you tons!”
Barn Owl - “Whooo’s your Valentine? ”
Hartmann’s Zebra - “It’s black & white, I love you Valentine!”
Rockhopper Penguin - “I waddle be your Valentine!”
These packages are available through A.D.O.P.T.S (Animals Depend on People To Survive) through the Louisville Zoo’s membership office or online here.


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