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Friday, June 29, 2012

Beat the Heat This Weekend!

We’re pretty sure one of the only events that has made it onto YOUR radar for the next few days is that big, record-breaking heat wave we’re experiencing.

So, in order to help you beat the heat, our “What’s Happening” list for this weekend is not only some local events, but a complete list of our area spraygrounds/spraypads.  Can you believe that 32 of the 33 are FREE and located right in your area’s parks?!  Have a great weekend, and try to stay cool!

Modern Spraygrounds-interactive and/or complex spray elements with electronic timing
Algonquin Park -- 1614 Cypress Street
Baxter Square -- 301 S. 12th Street
Beckley Creek Park -- 1310 South Beckley Station Road
Breslin Park -- 1388 Lexington Rd., 40206
California Park -- 1104 S. 16th St., 40210
Crescent Hill Park -- 3110 Brownsboro Rd
Farnsley Park -- 3100 Wedgewood Way
Iroquois Park -- 5216 New Cut Rd.
LaPorte Park -- 2529 Bank Street
Long Run Park -- 1605 Flat Rock Rd.
Louisville Zoo -- 1100 Trevilian Way (requires Zoo admission
Nelson Hornbeck Park-- 709 Fairedale Rd.
Petersburg Park --5008 Indian Trail
Riverview Park -- 8202 Greenwood Rd.
Shawnee Park-- 4501 W Broadway
Shelby Park -- 600 E. Oak Street
Waterfront Park -- downtown (two separate spraygrounds available)
Wyandotte Park --1104 Beecher Street

Traditional Spraypads- converted wading pools with a single obelisk that sprays water
Bingham Park -- 160 Coral Ave., 40206
Boone Square Park -- 1935 Rowan St., 40203
Central Park -- 1340 S 4th St., 40208
Cherokee Park -- 745 Cochran Hill Rd., 40206
Chickasaw Park -- 1200 Southwestern Pkwy., 40211
Elliott Square Park -- 630 S 28th St., 40211
G.G. Moore Park -- 626 "M" St., 40208
George Rogers Clark Park -- 1024 Thruston Ave., 40217
Huston Quin Park -- 4105 S 1st St., 40214
Parkhill Road -- 1703 S 13th St., 40210
Portland Park -- 640 N 27th St., 40212
Russell Lee Park -- 3701 Southern Ave., 40211
Tyler Park -- 1501 Castlewood Ave., 40204
Victory Park -- 1051 S 23rd St., 40210
William Stansbury Park -- 2302 S 3rd St., 40208
This list was courtesy of the Metro Parks department.

6th Annual Louisville Sustainable Living Fair- Friday, June 25, 5-9pm; FREE event on Rastetter Ave. in Louisville, between Payne St. and Frankfort Ave.

Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration- Saturday, June 30, and Sunday, July 1; located at the Peterson-Dumesnil House grounds; parade starts at noon on Saturday, children’s activities, live music, and a Pet Show on Sunday; plus, fireworks on both nights at 10pm

Blue Star Museums- for all of you military families, read about the FREE admission your family will receive to many of our local museums {Plus, going to a museum is a great way to stay cool!}


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