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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun at the Louisville Zoo

Today we have the inside scoop on the fun entertainment going on at the Louisville Zoo from Maureen Horrigan, director of marketing and public relations.

What makes people want to come to the Louisville Zoo?
We’ve always been a major point of destination. We’re the main non-profit attraction in the area. The dinosaurs and movies might draw parents who may have not wanted to just see the animals. We also do a lot of personal events such as visits from...
...Dora and Diego, Spongebob, Spiderman, and other popular characters. We have 50 special events during the year like free movie night, concerts, and Halloween parties.

Why do you think The Louisville Zoo has stayed so popular among all age groups?
There’s a combination of a huge entertainment and educational experience. It makes it a unique option for parents. There’s a lot to learn about animals. We have over 1,700 animals to visit. And we have one of the only 4-d theaters in the area. We’re showing Dora and Diego and BBC’s Planet Earth Series, Ice World. We have a permanent 50-seat theater and each video lasts 10 minutes in length. It tries to get all the senses involved. There’s also a carousel, train ride, and animatronic animals that move and roar. They look quite life-like. It’s fun for more than just kids.

What’s going on this summer that you would encourage families to come out to?
… the dinosaurs, primarily. They’re only here until the end of July. There are 12 different species of dinosaur, and they roar and move just like they did thousands of years ago. And we just opened our biggest exhibit in the history of the zoo, Glacier Run. It has polar bears, sea lions, and grizzly bears. It shows how humans and nature must co-exist. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch. I could watch the polar bears for hours. Qannik the polar bear is the newest addition to Glacier Run. She was saved from Alaska’s North Slope in April.


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