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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Challenge- Family Dinner

“What’s for dinner?” Most nights this question is directed at my husband. Unfortunately for him, I don’t cook. For a few years, he held out hope I would change my mind, but 11 years and 2 kids later my specialty remains take-out.
During my family’s 7-Day Challenge to eat dinner as a unit every night, I relied heavily on easy menus. In my search for easy meal prep, I found success here:

Market Day
Used by schools and other organizations as a fundraiser, Market Day offers a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Most meals require a short amount of time to cook (or microwave!), and many are packaged individually.  

DelisShopping the delis at groceries such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market provide a variety of main dishes, sides, and desserts, including vegetarian options. The dishes use mouthwatering ingredients and spices. Plus, prepping dinner is as easy as heating up the grill or stove.

The latest social media site to obsess the masses is Pinterest. Favorite recipes are posted every minute. When you spot an irresistible dish, “pin” the recipe for future reference to your personal account. If you have a specific ingredient to cook in mind, the search field will guide you to hundreds of ideas.

Betty Crocker
Who doesn’t have a favorite food or product? Most food manufacturers offer recipes on their website to show different ways to prepare their product. In addition to recipes, Betty Crocker’s site offers videos, community chat boards, and coupons.  Happy Cooking!


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