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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are They are Too Young?

Are we enablers when it comes to our kids growing up too fast?

I think we are, to some degree, if we answer answer, “yes” to any of the following questions:

Does your child who is under the age of 13 have his/her own facebook page?
If he/she does, then someone else set it up for them, or they did it on their own using a false birthday.  Is your child really fully capable of dealing with the repercussions of things they might post online?

Do you buy video games that are rated beyond what your child’s age is?
You probably don’t condone violence and would never hand your child a weapon; yet, we are quick to purchase video games for them where they are forever shooting “bad guys.”

Do you allow your child to see movies with ratings suited for an older audience?
There’s a good chance your family never even utters the "s-e-x" word in your house, but you think nothing of it when your child hears jokes or innuendo in a PG or PG-13 movie… right?  They probably didn't understand the what the characters were talking about anyways.

Do you allow your child to read books that have themes suited for an older audience?
It’s just a book.  It’s not real.  My child won’t have frightening dreams about those kids fighting one another tonight.

There are reasons those entertainment outlets have been given ratings and specific age suggestions.  Today’s youth is our future.  What will our future look like at this rate?  It’s just a thought…

What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. I can honestly say no to all of those. We guard our children's hearts and minds the best we can. They do rarely tend to be in the room when an inappropriate commercial comes on but we always talk about why it's not appropriate to the extreme that if my daughter sees something on TV or out and about she'll gasp and say,"Mommy that's inappropriate." lol. We can't shield them from everything but I believe you can protect them from growing up too soon and I think even 13 is too young for their own FB page.

  2. Starting with the Facebook question, if you allow or allowed your under 13 year old to have a Facebook page, you have allowed them to be dishonest and break rules. Further, you have condoned their dishonesty and set that behavior as an example. Stellar parenting. As to the other questions, if you are the parent that allows these things, you are making it harder for other parents to raise the kind of kids you should really wish your children to be friends with. Give it some thought.


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