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Monday, September 10, 2012

Parent Perspectives- Part 7

Are your children's rigorous school schedules getting you down, yet?  

Did you know school does not have to be 9-3, unless you want it to be? It does not have to look the same each day. It can include siblings of different ages on the same fun learning adventures. As much as we may be tempted to make it happen unnaturally, our children do not have to be smarter, funnier, or even more socially acceptable than other children their age.
Kids bullied/teased at school? Not at home. Is your kid advanced for his age or maybe has special needs? Easier to tailor at home. Think they'll be socially awkward? Think again; there is a huge homeschool community in Louisville to be a part of the entire process. There are opportunities for organized sports, music, higher math and sciences, proms and more. Have deep faith or religious leadings? You can include that at home. Don't want to mess with the entire busing system or school of choice mess? Easy fix.   It's okay to purchase an entire curriculum but then decide to piecemeal it to fit your family and your interests/needs. Your child can learn to love books, even if he can't read them yet. And it's okay if his 10-month-old sister is not "reading" yet, as well.

Science and math can actually be fun (think experiments in the kitchen). Can I tell you just how much fun it is to be the one to watch all the light bulb moments coming together? Even if it's at the same time the toddler plays in the sand box and the baby is being bounced on one knee.

Still don't believe me? Do a little research into Louisville's homeschool community. Ask LOTS of questions. You may just make one of the best decisions in the life of your family.   

Contributed by Terra Santos, parent-writer for Today’s Family magazine.

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  1. We are a homeschool family too! LOVE IT! There are so many incredible benefits. Being new to the area, we have found that Louisville has an abundance of opportunities to offer families that school at home. Thanks for voicing the wonderfulness of our lives. :D


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