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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making the Holidays Easier- Part 1

Determined to get ahead of the holiday frenzy and stay there?  This series is intended to help you start thinking, planning and moving. 

Today's entry focuses on tasks and decisions that should be taken care of now… with just a few weeks to go, plan to knock these out by mid-November. 

#1:  If entertaining of some sort is on your list...
...invites should go out now so that folks can get your dates on the calendar.  Invitations extended via Evite or another online social calendar site are absolutely appropriate for a casual gathering.  If a formal or elegant soiree is more your style, you should mail invites… anything arriving via post is more personal and seems a tad more sincere and elegant.  Speaking of  elegance, you can add tons of sophistication to your invites if you wrap and hand deliver them.  These were created for a recent art auction, and while the expense was negligible, the impact was far from it.  Choose a box size and color, then create and print invites that fit perfectly.  Heavy card stock is essential.  Fold them up in tissue paper, nestle them into a bed of excelsior, and tie them up with double sided satin ribbon.  
(Sources:  Nashville Wraps, Kinkos, Paper Source) 

#2:  Start your gift list now and keep it handy.  While spending time with family and friends Thanksgiving weekend, ask plenty of questions about current interests and hobbies - you're likely to get a few good gift ideas.  

Tip:  If your holiday gift list includes colleagues or clients, the weeks of November 12th and 26th are excellent times for delivery!  Thanksgiving season provides the perfect opportunity to convey thanks and appreciation, and your recipients are less likely to receive gifts during these weeks, making the surprise even sweeter.  

#3:  While the selection is still good, pick out gift wrap, ribbon, and cards.  Start addressing and writing your holiday greetings now and have them ready to mail on November 26th.

#4:  If you're thinking of giving items made by local artisans, order them today.  Get on their list and take that little chore off of your list! 

Contributed by Amy Holley of HolleyWrap, Louisville's Premier Gifting Service.
Photo by Melissa Donald.


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