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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giving {Acts of Kindness}

This week's entry is about holiday gifts filled with human kindness.

Washington Irving is credited with a quote that goes something like this … "December Holidays create the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart."

We all know that holiday generosity needn't take the shape of a soiree or beautifully wrapped item. A simple offer to...
...set up the Christmas tree for someone no longer able to do so, or to escort a loved one to a Hanukkah event honors the festivity and sanctity of our December Holidays. These acts are gifts, and they may be the right gift for someone on your list this year. Perhaps the most vexing of gift choices applies to parents, grandparents, or friends who, seriously, have everything they need or want. Thoughtful actions could just be the best gift ever
Here are a few gift suggestions:
  1. Provide and decorate a Christmas tree for a family member or friend that can't manage it this year. While you're at it, take along the trimmings for a lovely simple meal … add music, and truly enjoy your time together. Consider hanging stockings filled with fresh fruit and sweets, and wrapping up any gifts they may have purchased. THEN, once January rolls around, put everything back into it's place.
  2. Escort someone to their chosen holiday event or spiritual service … spend an evening discovering why this holiday is important for them, and listen to their beloved memories over coffee and cookies.
  3. We never grow tired of delighting others with gifts at the holidays. Perhaps you can make it happen for someone who can't make it happen for themselves. Get the list, shop, wrap … and make them the star!
We've been blogging these last few weeks about holiday invitations, gifts, and gift wraps, which, I will contend, are gifts that reflect hospitality and charity of the heart. Any gift given this season has the potential to warm the heart … whether it's the latest and greatest doll, a toy train or Play Station 4, a designer hand bag, the coveted titanium driver … or an act of kindness.

Make a date and help make the holiday season joyous for others! Charity of the heart, Mr. Irving? Oh, YES!!

Contributed by Amy Holley of HolleyWrap, Louisville's Premier Gifting Service.

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