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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grant Money for Autism Treatments

It’s very short notice, but if you have a child with Autism who could benefit from grant money when it comes to paying for non-traditional therapies, you need to check out ACT TODAY right now. The deadline to apply for this grant is tomorrow. Go to: below how ACT TODAY has helped our parent-writer, Cyndi Burns, with her son’s treatments.

I know It is hard to find money to pay for Autism services. Traditional insurance companies will not pay for most. ACT TODAY (Autism Care and Treatment) offers...
a great opportunity for families to apply for grant money to help ease the worries of paying for non-traditional therapies typically not covered by most insurance programs.

ACT TODAY provided my son Alex with money to pay for therapy that teaches him to stop banging his head. Alex has both Autism and Down Syndrome  Thanks to ACT TODAY, we received grant money to to help pay for ABA services to help our son.


  1. And in many cases the child may be non verbal and unable to express this pain in any other way. So, self injurious behavior, head banging and irritability can be a common sign of pain from constipation.autism treatment

  2. Chad you are so right that being non-verbal and unable to communicate is why so many of these kids do head banging. I have fought the school system here for yrs to get a communication device for my son. I believe if he can communicat pain, etc he will be less frustrated. Yrs ago I put a communication (PECS) book together for him to let me know his needs like food choices, movies , etc. he wanted and he picked up using this system in about a week. I knew my son understand what I said but had no way to communicate back with me. Now that he has a device his communication skills have increased.Parents should ask for a Outside technology evaluatin during the IEP meeting if the school will not get a communication device to help our kids communicate. by Cyndi Burns

  3. Indeed, its a heart warming story. Autism in not a disease, an autistic child needs love more than any other medication because love is the first medicine for any disorder. You can also rely on various speech related treatment for betterment of this disorder.


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