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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miranda’s Favorite Things January 2013

I worked my way through tons of items to come up with my very first List of Favorite Things.  So, without further ado, here are my picks, both local and national, for January 2013.

  • Lexie’s of Louisville Intensive Body Cream Stick- In a family where dry skin and psoriasis are prevalent, we’re always looking for the next best moisturizer.  With this body cream stick, my younger son thinks it’s so cool that he doesn’t have to get lotion all over the palms of his hands anymore, and he can put it on all by himself.
  • $10.00

  • Disney Princess Gummy Vitamins- No one will protest again when it comes to taking these vitamins. They’re so tasty; they’ll think it’s gummy candy!
  • Around $5 at any grocery store.

  • V8 V-Fusion 8-oz. Canned Drinks-  The kids feel like they’re drinking soda out of a can, but it’s actually a full serving of fruit and a full serving of vegetables. (Let’s keep this our little secret… wink, wink.)
  • $5-$6 for a six-pack

  • Adrienne & Co. Bakery and Cafe- They have the best carrot cake cupcakes in town. Not only are they topped with delicious cream cheese frosting, but there is a little something special that’s piped inside, as well.
  • $4.39 each


  1. I am also a great fan of Lexie's of Louisville. I use a lot of the products and they are really...The Best. Also it is so nice to be able to grab a unique gift and have it ready for presentation (wrapped) and ready to walk out the door. They have also shipped gifts for me.

  2. Miranda, thanks for the listing - this was very informative! Where can you try out this Lexie's of Louisville skin cream? My two babies (sons) and myself have psoriasis and the itching drives us nuts - ESPECIALLY in the winter! Would love to try it, plus i/m assuming it's made in Louisville (because of the name) and I LOVE to Buy Local whenever possible....


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