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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Keep the Germs Away

We asked our Today’s Family Wellness Advisory Group about germs, and here are some tips they shared. (Some are also in this issue of Today’s Family.)

Ann Greenwell, Pediatric Dentist: “Don't share towels.”     

Korie Acord, Pediatric Dentisty at Derby City Pediatric Dentistry: “Remind kids to not put hands in their mouth: thumb/finger sucking, nail biting, etc.”

Veda McClain, Founder, Veda McClain Consulting: “I wash my hands often, taking care to check my nails, washing under my rings, and making sure that my hands are completely dry after washing them. “

Rhonda Breischaft, Mom: “Even though it’s cold outside...
...children and adults need fresh air and exercise to strengthen their immune systems.  A good attitude certainly doesn't hurt either.  Stress can hurt the body's ability to fight off illness, as can lack of sleep.”

Amanda Castle, RN, Hazelwood Center:  “When someone is sick in the home, it is a good  idea to wash your hands more frequently and encourage the person who is sick to wash or sanitize often especially after blowing nose, etc. Frequently sanitizing often-used surfaces likes doorknobs, remotes, and phones with Lysol helps, too.”          

Stacie Martin, Sr. Regulatory Paralegal: “Just the normal awareness. For a stomach bug, I wipe down toilet & counters with Clorox wipes. Wash sheets often. “

Ursula Robertson-Moore, Owner, Uppercases: “Isolate yourself from others and try to keep your hands away from your face.”


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