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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No You Can’t…

Here are a few of my responses to my 9 year old son as to why he can't ....

Can I have a soda? No you may not. Sodas have caffeine and that can make you feel squirrely, let's have a water or milk instead. They will give you energy without feeling squirrely. Parent translation- I can NOT have you jumping off of the walls more then you already do.

Can I watch this TV show that is on MTV? No you may not. There are things shown on that show that are not appropriate for your age. Parent translation-I am NOT ready to have THAT talk with you yet.

Can I skip my reading homework tonight? No... may not. Your reading is to be done each night so that you can continue to strengthen your language and comprehension skills. Parent translation- You need to wind down at night, not wind up.

Can I get a new game for the Playstation? No you may not. Those games are very expensive and we save them for special occasions so that Dad doesn't have to work more then he already does. Parent translation-They are pricey, enough said.

Can I sign up for another sport this year? No you may not. You have already participated in three this year and you need to strengthen the other skills that you have. Parent translation- I need a break from running all over town.

Can I go outside and play basketball? YES, yes you may! Go..go now.

Contributed by LaDonna Kennedy, parent-writer for Today’s Family magazine.

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