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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Would You Do?

Your 8th-grader's coach won't let her play in the games very much because she's not very good. (You know she's not very good, but you have to hand it to her for trying.) Recently when you came early to pick her up from practice you think you heard the coach yell "Whassa matter, you got grass for brains?" to her. What do you do?

Unless our child was on the Romanian Gymnastic Team I would have a real problem with any coach that...
...would not let ALL kids on a team play. We try to be really careful, for sports can be a double-edged sword when building esteem. If our child doesn’t understand what makes a winner then we have the wrong coach.
-John G. Warren

No matter what the situation, no coach has the right to speak to my child using such demeaning language. I would immediately approach the coach (that same day) and ask for an explanation of those comments. I would share with the coach that more professional language is expected of her/him as a leader and role model for the students and that those comments amount to a form of bullying called taunting. As for my child, I would tell her how special she is and have a candid discussion about her feelings about the sport as well as the coach. I would encourage her to complete this season of playing the sport, but to think seriously about her participation in the next year.
-Veda Pendleton McClain, Ph.D.
What would you do if that happened to YOUR child? We want to know…


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