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Monday, March 25, 2013

Remembering Mumsey…

Approaching Derby time, it seems we ladies have hats on the brain! Our youngest granddaughter is no exception, and her mother has started something that blends hat-fever and birthday celebration. Best of all, it pays homage to a cherished grandmother who passed away before she met her new great-granddaughter.

Molly Anne’s birth announcement pictures her wide-eyed and curious, wearing a hot pink baby fascinator. This month she has celebrated her first birthday, and my daughter-in-law has begun the challenging tradition of planning... take her photo each birthday with the hot pink fascinator headband peeking out somewhere within the picture, whether it be on her head, as a wristband, maybe on her favorite doll’s head, or somewhere in the photo.

It is a connection to Molly’s birth and yearly milestones, to be sure, but that pink color speaks of remembrance of a special woman in my daughter-in-law’s life — her grandmother — who raised a lovely family and whom I was lucky enough to meet at the wedding celebration of my son and daughter-in-law.

What struck me most about her was her stylish dressing (she used to be a model) and the hot pink dress she wore that caught everyone’s eyes as she was escorted down the aisle. A very inspiring lady with a love of life and family celebrations, she was determined to let that spirit shine at her granddaughter’s wedding with style and color.

When we see Molly’s birthday picture every year, we will also be remembering Mumsey, with love.

Contributed by Kathy Bolger, Senior Graphic Designer, Today’s Woman magazine.


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