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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What A Mother-Daughter Interview Reveals

Anna Lane, interviewed by her daughter, Christina, a ninth-grader at Eastern High School, Louisville, KY. This mom talks family, foster care, and life lessons.

Christina: How do you think that today’s society has changed from years ago?
Anna: Schools. They’re just not safe anymore. In my day children respected their principals or teachers. Now students don’t care. Also, another thing is Electronics. Over the years they have become more and more of a distraction.

Christina: When did you know that you wanted to be... the foster care and adoption business?
Anna: Approximately 1988. Foster Care is not a business, it is caring for children and teenagers; it is giving them a temporary and permanent home and a family.

Christina: What is the most important lesson you learned in life?
Anna: To care and love others that society has thrown away.

Christina: What are your dreams for my siblings and me?
Anna: To grow up and go to college (if that’s what you desire) and to make you productive citizens and of course, great tax payers. Most of all, never forget about the teachings of the Lord.

Christina: What do we have now that you didn’t have when you were growing up ?
Anna: For some, parents or a family. Everyone isn’t as blessed as you are. Many kids lack food, shelter, clothes, and etc.


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