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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Boy and His Vacuum

On a shopping trip, Noah, then 5, asked me why I was buying a Dirt Devil compact vacuum. “For you, of course,” I jokingly told him, waiting for him to resist. Instead, with wide-eye excitement, Noah told strangers, “Mommy is buying me my own vacuum!”
What began as a joke has been a great lesson for us both. Every parent attempts to find a balance between “getting things done” versus time with the kids. Two years later he is the best assistant housekeeper, bonding with me over dust bunnies and untidy carpets.
Contributed by Lorie Gant Leitner, parent-writer for Today’s Family magazine.

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  1. That's awesome... Kids helping out is a great thing... kids and parents can bond over the silliest of things sometimes....sometimes the things we think of least... wonder if he'd like cub scouts...boy talk about times to bond...**sigh** mine are grown and I do well to get him to pick up his clothes from his bedroom floor...LOL...without threatening him to within an inch of his life..that is...hahaha


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