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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Try This at Bedtime TONIGHT!

My son is notorious for waiting until lights-out to decide that he still has to plug in his iPod, get a drink, put something into his backpack, etc., etc., etc.
Reminders about lights-out time didn’t work.
To combat this problem, I decided...
...that for every 5 minutes that he is not in bed past lights-out time, he will have to go to bed early the next night for double that amount of time. So if his stalling routine keeps him up 10 minutes past lights-out, then the next night, lights-out will be 20 minutes earlier.

Contributed by Stacie L. Martin, parent-writer for Today’s Family magazine.

Photo Source: Getty Images via CNN


  1. My parents did that to me but with my cerfew. If I was late they would double the time I was late and make me come in that much earlier.

  2. Great idea, I'm going to try this. We have a master bedtime staller in our house.


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