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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fur Babies

When my first son, Noah, was born, I had been “Mom” to my Fur Babies – two Dalmatians and two cats – for almost 5 years. The day before we came home, my husband, Jeremy, brought one of Noah’s receiving blankets to the animals. Jeremy reported back there had been no major excitement. Each animal had sniffed the blanket and walked away. I wasn’t overly concerned with the introduction. Throughout my pregnancy the cats sat on my belly and the Dalmatians had been affectionate to our family and friends.
The Fur Babies were excited to see me when I arrived home from the hospital. With Noah nestled inside, I sat his car seat on the recliner. All of the animals gathered for a frenzy of sniffing. I gently eased Noah out and with him in my arms...
...I kneeled beside the group. There was a few more sniffs and then each animal walked away, seeming bored.
Although aggression was not shown toward Noah, the Fur Babies never exhibited a love, either. When he entered a room, the animals scattered. If he reached out to pet an animal, it flinched and backed out of reach. It saddened me so much to watch Noah be shunned that when he turned 4 years old, we adopted a puppy from the Kentucky Humane Society.
Ironically when Noah’s puppy, Ruby, came to live with us, the Fur Babies softened. Jealousy fueled the desire for attention, allowing the animals to welcome Ruby and Noah. Even with the introduction of our second son, Lucas, the tenderness towards the kids remains. One big, happy family – fur and all.
Contributed by Lorie Leitner, parent-writer for Today’s Family.


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