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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keeping Your Children with Autism Safe

Parents, how devastated would you be to learn your child had disappeared?

Over the past few weeks, 4 children with autism have disappeared. These disappearances are in different cities and unrelated to one other, and all 4 of these disappearances ended very tragically.

With summer here, we need to do everything possible to help keep our kids safe, especially those children with autism:
  • Add inexpensive alarms to doors & windows that will alarm you if your child leaves the house. You can even buy travel door alarms for hotel doors.
  • Never leave a child alone that is known to wander without adult supervision.
  • Never leave a child alone in a swimming pool.
  • Purchase tracking devices that attach to the child.
  • Have current pictures of your child and their finger prints.

Here are some additional informational resources for keeping kids safe this summer:

Contributed by Cyndi Burns, parent-writer for Today's Family magazine and mom to a son with both Down Syndrome and Autism.

Photo via Autism Speaks


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