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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are You the Family We’re Looking For?

Every family is unique, but for the In Our Family feature, I’m looking for families that live life a little differently from the rest of us. I know I’ve met a family I’d like to feature when I’m overwhelmed with curiosity or have to fight back the urge to ask incredulously, “How do you handle THAT?”

When I’m on the hunt for such families, I put a call out on my Facebook page asking folks I know if they know a family that fits the bill. When I asked around for a family-owned business...
...I had a number of replies. One of the preschool teachers at Jeffersontown Christian Preschool, where my daughter and middle son attended, and where my youngest will attend in the fall, informed me that the husband of another of the teachers owns his own company, and everyone in the family participates in its successful operation.

My interview with Tom Witten (one of the few men I’ve interviewed for a Today’s Family feature) was interesting especially when he described what the family business, South End Answering Service, was like when his uncle first launched it in the mid-1970s. Having known Tom’s wife through preschool for many years made me feel like I knew him and reminded me that there are probably loads of “friends of friends” who have fascinating stories to share.

If your family lives a pretty unusual situation and you’d like to be considered for In Our Family, send an email to In the subject line, please put “We’re a Unique Family!”
Contributed by Carrie Vittitoe, parent-writer for Today’s Family.


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