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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

College Isn't For Me

Many parents receive calls from their college freshman saying things like, "I think I should transfer to another school, or try something different, or... [fill in the blank]."

Sometimes the issues the college freshman faces seem insurmountable, but trust me, they can be overcome. In order to deal with these issues, parents and students alike must be willing to get to the root of what is causing the problem.

Here are five tips:

  1. Question your student about the issues that have prompted his desire to leave college. Ask questions about social and environmental issues as well. Sometimes there are concerns with other students (peer pressure, fraternity/sorority, bullying) and professors (class size, difficulty of classes, class load, homework assistance) that cause students to question their presence in college and their ability to succeed.
  2. Have a candid conversation about your student’s gifts and talents and......what majors at the college would allow her to use those talents. That’s where the personal and professional fulfillment comes into play.
  3. Have your student complete the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) form at the college registrar’s office. This signed form gives you permission to discuss his progress with professors, advisers, and administrators. That way you can get more information about what is really going on with him, whether it is a lack of accountability on his part or a true lack of interest in college.
  4. Discuss other college and career options. If transferring is an option, discuss the transfer process and what that might mean with regard to a transfer of college credits, major, scholarship dollars, and financial assistance. Discuss the type of college that might best meet her needs. This is critical if a transfer is truly being considered.
  5. Finally, listen to your child’s concerns with a heart of understanding, words of encouragement, and love. Our children need to know they are loved, no matter what they decide.
Go here to read more about getting your college freshman on the right track.  Also, we'd love for you to share any advice you have when it comes to that first year of college. Just leave us a comment below!


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