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Monday, September 30, 2013

House Rules Made Simple

With the Back-to-School issue being all about rules, we thought you'd like to know the rules that a few of our parent-writers have in their homes.  Enjoy!

At this point in life, our rules revolve mainly around screen time. As the mother of two confirmed vidiots and one adolescent texter, I have to lay down the law in that area. One hour on a school night and two hours on weekends, with mother's discretionary power!

Stupid rules? I've made them. I’ve recanted on more...
...than one occasion saying "that was a dumb idea, I didn't really think it through." I'm okay with being wrong, as long as the kids aren't the ones telling me!
 -Barb Hartman

House rule #1 ... Never leave without saying "good-bye," whether you’re heading to work, running an errand, leaving a family event, or heading to bed for the night.
Growing up, I was not allowed to head to bed without hugging my parents and 2 brothers. Before your head hit the pillow, you knew you were loved.   That rule has continued on with my boys. And whenever I forget, you can be sure someone opens the door to remind me that I forgot to hug them ‘bye."
 -Lorie Gant Leitner

In my house, I have lots of procedures - carry plate and utensils to sink after you are done eating, put 50% of money in save bank and 50% in spend bank - but very few rules.  

I don't know if this is brilliance on my part or sheer laziness.  I don't want to have to remember a ton of rules and be a police officer.  
-Carrie Vittitoe

We always seem to be revising rules around electronics. The Seckmans tend to eschew electronics in order to promote more creative, imaginative time, but we're also busy.  And realists. We need the TV babysitter just like everyone else, especially around dinner time or writing time or our own creative times. This seems to be the rule that changes in order to fit the mood. Being a consistent parent isn't always easy.
-Megan Seckman


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