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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Mom Has Only 5 Rules!

Here are some great rules one local, single mom has in her home. You'll find them to be both helpful and entertaining.  
  1. Never, ever quit. Lauren wanted to quit dance in third grade, but couldn't because the house rule was that once you started an activity, you must see it to completion for the term. You didn't have to participate in the activity again, but you had to complete the term (year or nine months) for which you had agreed to participate. No ifs, ands, or buts. The only happening that could get you out of the activity was a major illness.
  2. Use public restrooms only if necessary, and if you do, make it quick. As a single mother of both boys and girls......I could never take all of my children to the bathroom at the same time. We used public restrooms only when absolutely necessary. When my sons had to use the restroom (after the age of six), they had two minutes to use the restroom or else I was coming in the men's restroom to check on them. No exceptions.
  3. No activities after 5:00 p.m. on Sunday nights. Everything had to be shut down for preparation for school on Monday. 
  4. No make-up until the age of 14. Girls were not allowed to wear any make-up; they could care for their own skin independently. At the age of 14, each girl was taken to the make-up counter and shown how to put on make-up.
  5. Until women are accepted walking through the house topless, my sons are not allowed to do so either.

Contributed by Veda Pendleton McClain, Ph.D., parent-writer, Today's Family.
Photo Source: Simple Homemade


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