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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Her First Trip Home

“Oh, there’s no place . . . “

It could have been worse.  She could have chosen the college 15 hours away.  The one she did choose is – barring road construction and excessive rest-stopping – about four hours away.

The first time I drove it, I followed AAA’s route through Cincinnati.  Every time since, I’ve taken the bypass, even if it does add 15 minutes to my trip.  Better 15 minutes than 15 gray hairs.

We’ve been up to see her once...
...but Thanksgiving will be her first time home since school started in August.  Recently I ran into a friend whose girl has been home every weekend.  She’s not liking college all that much.  Hmm. . .

When I was in college, four hours from home, I don’t recall anyone, ever, flying home.  Maybe to the west coast for a grad school interview but never home on break.  Times are different now; the college runs hourly airport shuttles on the first and last days of major breaks:  Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring.

Between unbreakable plans on days flanking breaks, my unease about the vagaries of winter weather and the Sudoku puzzle of arranging some time with her for her Dad’s family in Georgia, my girl will be racking up some rewards points on Southwest this year.

And I know the house will seem smaller to her, the dog will seem older, her sister - for at least the first 15 minutes - will seem grown up, and her mother will get on her nerves this Thanksgiving. 

But I can’t wait to have my lieutenant commander home for the holiday.

Contributed by Elaine Jack, Assistant Editor, Today's Family magazine.


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