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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Find Fun in Planning a Trip

By far, one of the most exciting things about a vacation is the planning.  Everybody knows of the popular post-vacation tools -- such as photos, videos and souvenirs.  We’ve all mastered our smart phones, mini-camcorders, and digital cameras to record every intriguing moment of our travels with ease.  We can even... on social media sites or popular video portals while we’re still vacationing -- citing cute captions and comments for all to see.  

But with our family, one of the greatest parts of a major vacation is in the preparation.  We love the planning, shopping, packing, and outright predetermined excitement that proceeds the days leading up to departure.  

For our recent trip to Disney World, we ordered the Birnbaum Guides and Resort CD’s to provide many an after dinner evening’s delight.  This would stoke the enthusiasm of the kids, as well as the stressed out super-busy parents looking for a little relief from the daily grind.  In these tough economic times, it makes us feel better getting our money’s worth when putting out a small fortune for a family vacation.  So we’ve learned to enjoy it before, during, and after! 

Contributed by John G. Warren, parent-writer, Today's Family.


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