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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Teacher Feature- Lisa Stringfellow

“I love working with middle school kids because they have a great sense of humor and are unpredictable,” says Lisa Stringfellow, a 5th grade teacher at Kentucky Country Day.

Lisa, who has been teaching for 20 years, teaches Language and Literacies, which integrates technology skills with the language arts curriculum. As far as Lisa’s teaching moto goes, she simply says to follow your passions and find the things that are interesting to you. “There’s always a book out there for everyone. I always try to help [kids] find that match.”

As well as teaching 5th graders, Lisa also teaches a fine arts knitting class to 7th and 8th grade students. She is involved with a community service organization called Stitch For a Cause and has been a part of that for nine years now. She helps teach middle school kids how to knit and also do a little bit of selling. They make items for organizations such as the Kentucky Humane Society and March of Dimes. “It’s a hands on way to teach kids hobbies and show them that they can also be something comforting [to others].”

Lisa was awarded a professional development grant this past spring, which she has used to develop the manuscript she is currently working on. Lisa will be attending the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators conference in New York. Along with writing her own book, she says she is always trying new things. “I have a strong interest in educational technology- learning how to program new websites and introduce kids to new ideas. I am interested in media and how we can use visual literacy.”

Lisa suggests that parents help to foster their kid’s interests. “Anything can be explored and that can lead to what kind of books they read. There is a big push in passion-based learning. Encourage them to read… more about reading for pleasure rather than it being forced. [Kids] are more likely to develop into readers for life if they read the things they like.”

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