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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What's a Few More Months?

Sanna Rogers with her husband and children.

Planning a Family Vacation- Part 1

Two years before their Golden Anniversary, my parents brushed off the idea of an extravagant (or any) party. Wait - What?!! This is BIG! No one stays married 50 years anymore. We had to celebrate. Mom confessed what she really wanted was a vacation with her family: Three sons, two daughters, four spouses, and ten grandchildren. She and Dad would pay for accommodations; we would plan it. So, we did the only logical thing. We thought about it for a year and then panicked.

For months my sister and I (let's face it, daughters are in the details) scoured the internet. Beach or mountains? Fall or spring? Condo or enormous house? And who gets the King-size beds? Lesson one: An extravagant party might have been easier.

Mom settled on the beach at Destin, FL. Really? Dad has Parkinson's disease and difficulty balancing on steady ground. Besides, I haven't seen my mom's legs in decades. "The grandkids will love it," she said. Done. Next, finding a week that fits six schedules.

In upcoming posts, I'll share my journey of planning - and surviving - a multi-family vacation. Spoiler alert: the anniversary was November 9, 2013. Lesson two: after 50 years what's a few more months?

- Sanna Rogers, parent writer, Today's Family

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  1. This will be our 7th year in a row doing a muti-family vacation. We go to Pawleys Island, SC every year. Same house, same routine. We have looked into going other places or maybe even just renting a different house, but it is so hard to break the routine. Next year we will have to change things up due to multiple children in school, and we go in May. The price doubles in the "on season", which is when the kids are out of school. That, and we have outgrown the house we have been renting. Some of the family also lives closer to the west coast now, so they aren't even able to go with us. I am looking forward to hearing your adventures in planning a muti-family vacation.


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