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Monday, June 23, 2014

8 Water Park Safety Tips

With the temperatures beginning to soar, we often take refuge at a local water park.  However, in order for your family to have the most fun possible, it's a good idea to good over any safety concerns you or your children might have.  We have some expert tips from Loren Wingfeld, Aquatics Manager at Kentucky Kingdom, for staying safe at any water park this summer.

  1. Check out the park in advance.  Most have a complete listing of all of their rules online so that you can plan your time and day accordingly. 
  2. Follow park rules and obey all safety personnel requests.  Height and weight requirements in a theme park are designed by manufacturers for your safety and must be enforced to ensure that everyone enjoys their day injury free. 
  3. Dress for the occasion. Sunscreen is a must and should be applied frequently.  Proper swimming attire ensures a fun day without wardrobe “malfunctions”.  
  4. Limit what you take with you to the necessities.   Leave valuables at home.  
  5. Stay together as a group or use a buddy system.   If you do get separated from a child, report this to facility staff as soon as you recognize that your person is missing.  Facilities often have procedures to help locate lost children.
  6. Never leave a child without adult supervision around any body of water. A drowning can occur in only 20 seconds. Unlike the kicking and screaming portrayed in movies, often it is a silent process.
  7. Any child not completely toilet trained should wear swim diapers and be checked frequently for cleanliness.  Most recreational water illnesses are spread by unsanitary bathers.
  8. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and eat as often as necessary to maintain proper energy. 

Contributed by Loren Wingfeld, Aquatics Manager at Kentucky Kingdom.


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