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Thursday, August 7, 2014

3 Fun Exercises for Your Family

Get up and move in the month of August!  It is so important to get your body moving every day for at least 30 minutes! These activities I am sharing with you this month will  involve a partner. Mom and Dad can play with a son or daughter, and brother and sister can play together.  Make sure you and your partner have an open area to do these activities. A backyard or park would be perfect!

1. Let's spice up the original "Simon Says" game! 
You will need a hula hoop, jump rope, basketball, and soccer ball. If you do not have one of these items, no worries. Use your imagination and use whatever you can find in your garage or house that will make you move!

"Simon" stands at one end of the yard, and the participant stands at the other.  Simon will lay out the hula hoop, jump rope, and balls on the ground. Simon must tell the participant to either jump rope for 1 minute, dribble a basketball 25 times, kick a soccer ball to the end of the yard, and hula hoop for 1 minute. Remember, Simon must say, "Simon says." If Simon doesn't say "Simon Says," and the participant moves, then he must go back to start position. Only move if Simon says! If the participant completes the activity Simon assigns,they get to move 5 steps toward Simon. If they do not, then they stay in start position. Once the participant reaches Simon, they win!  The participant then becomes "Simon." Roles are switched. Play according to your child's skill level, and don't make the exercises too challenging. We are not wanting to discourage exercise, but encourage it. Have fun and do whatever your child is capable of physically doing.

2. Three-legged race game!
Stand next to your partner hip to hip. Your right leg and your partner's left leg are close together.   Determine a starting position and an ending position in your yard. Tie a scarf or bandanna around the two ankles.  Try to walk as fast as you can to the finish line. Next, try to run as fast as you can to the finish line. This game will have you burning calories... not only moving, but laughing!

3. Lock arms and stand up!
Grab your partner and sit on the ground back to back. Lock your arms around each others and try to stand up. Only use your legs to help you. If you master this the first time, try sitting back down on the ground only using your legs. Trickier than you think!

These fun partner activities will surely work up an appetite!  I'm sharing two favorite juicy, healthy snacks with your family from PILLSBURY that I enjoyed as a kiddo. You will want to prepare these prior to the exercises so you can enjoy them after! 

Yippee Yogurt Pops! 16 oz. vanilla or plain yogurt16 oz. can frozen grape juice concentrate10 3 oz. dixie cups/drink cups10 Wooden popsicle sticks

Blend yogurt and juice in bowl and pour in cups. Freeze for an hour, then insert sticks. Freeze again until ready to enjoy!

Watermelon Pops!2 cups watermelon (seeded and cubed)3/4 cup water6 oz. Frozen Fruit Punch concentrate8 3 oz. cups8 wooden popsicle sticks

In a blender, combine ingredients. Fill cups and freeze for an hour. Insert sticks and freeze again until ready! Enjoy!

Alison Cardoza, B.S Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at Baptist Milestone Wellness Center


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