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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Would Your School Do This?

Sometimes it takes another person's perspective to really evaluate something. For instance, parents view the goings-on of a school differently than would a member of it's faculty.  This view from a parent is quite valuable.

In our Fall issue, parent writer, Carrie Vittitoe, gives us some great ideas, and we'll be sharing them right here because we want to know what you think about them and what ideas YOU have that might make YOUR child's school better.

Here's an idea:

Part-time teachers
I don’t know how teachers with young families do it. I know how much time I spent planning lessons and grading papers 10 years ago before I had children. As much as I love teaching and wish I could be back in a public school classroom, I can’t do it full time without sacrificing a significant chunk of my sanity.

Hiring part-time teachers to serve small groups of underperforming students a few days a week would be a win-win for everyone. Kids would receive more individualized attention from trained professionals, and districts could offer teachers more and different employment opportunities as well as bring some top-notch people back to the field. Oh, and people like me could have a little bit of it "all.”

What are some great ideas you wish your school or district would consider? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

Carrie Vittitoe lives and dreams of a better world in Louisville with her husband Dean Langford and their kids Norah (10), Graeme (6), and Miles (4).


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