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Monday, September 22, 2014

Easy Halloween Fun

Pipe Cleaner Disguises
This activity is a mature version of peek-a-boo. Everyone is in on the joke that these really aren’t disguises, but it is too fun to ruin with the truth. Grab some pipe cleaners and get ready for some laughter because this is going to get silly.
++LOTS of different colors and sizes of pipe cleaners
++Glue dots or double-sided tape
Create a unique disguise for yourself. We have some suggestions . . .
Spy Glasses
Take a pipe cleaner and make it into a spiral like a shell—you will need two. When finished, push the center of the spirals out to create a sort of cone. Attach the “cones” to the center of eyeglasses formed from pipe cleaners.
Get your bug on! Create antennae and pretend to be an insect . . . or an alien. Use a couple of pipe cleaners to create a headband. Add antennae. Consider making the antennae from spirals or curling the ends of them. Other pipe cleaner accessories you can make:
• Swords
• Hats
• Mustaches
• Cat whiskers
• Bushy eyebrows
• Flowers
Modifications for Younger Kids
Instead of having your children make or wear the disguises, print out a large picture of their face. Have your children visually “try on” the disguises on their picture.
Modifications for Older Kids
Have one child make the disguise for another child. Pick a character (e.g., a rock star, a small animal, a circus performer, etc.) and try to imagine disguises that they would use or that would define them. Become the character.
Are you worried about the ends of the pipe cleaners poking one of your kids? Just fold the sharp end in and twist it inside itself. Your pipe cleaner should now be blunted and safer for small tots to enjoy. This is a great activity for kids to do on a long car trip. Give them a collection of pipe cleaners and a mirror. They will giggle at one another as you drive.
Do you have extra pipe cleaners? Use some to create giant bubble wands to use along with bubble shooters
Whether the child is 3, 5, or 12 years old, there are hundreds of fun, educational and engaging
things to do in this book.
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by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller
Page Street Publishing/June 2014


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