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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get Active with Halloween Fun

Halloween is in the air! I would like to share some fun and spooky exercises that are sure to get your family in shape this month! Cardio is so important to do every day. Exercise keeps your heart healthy, burns calories, and reduces stress. Only do what exercises are appropriate for your family. If you have health issues, consult your doctor before exercising.

These activities can be done every day in the month of October for some fun and spooky family bonding time!

The Floating Ghost
Start in plank position.  Your stomach is on the floor, elbows on the floor and feet on the floor. Prop up onto your elbow/ forearm area of body and get onto your toes. Hold the plank for 10 seconds. Begin to slowly lift your hips  up a few inches and FLOAT back down to starting plank position. Repeat this exercise 10 times. It is a great core workout. 

Toss the Leaves and Catch
Grab a handful of leaves. Throw them up in air and try to catch as many as you can. This is a great cardio workout!

The Spooky Staircase Climb
Start at the bottom of your staircase and climb as fast as you can up. Slowly walk back down and begin again! See who's time is the fastest! Family members can have a playful and fun competition with each other.

The Spider Walk
Start in push up position. Feet together, hands underneath shoulders. Slowly creep and walk your hands creating a circle SPIDER WEB. Try to keep your feet still and only walk your hands around to create a circle. This is a great upper body workout. 

Monster Jumps
Start is standing position. Open your legs wide, knees in line with ankles. Jump as high as you can go and sit back into your hips and repeat again. Repeat this jumping squat exercise 10 times.  Your legs will be strong as a MONSTER!

The Hula Hoop Pumpkin Toss
Place a pumpkin on the ground. Take 10 steps back and try to toss a hula hoop over onto the pumpkin. If you succeed, take another step back and repeat again!

The Pumpkin Roll
All family members line up in a straight line on the grass with a pumpkin. On the count of 3, everybody rolls their pumpkin to the finish line. The person that rolls their pumpkin the fastest, wins!
Let's Cool down with some stretches. 

*Sit on the ground, extend your legs and  touch your toes. Try your best to keep those knees straight! Always hold your stretches for 30 seconds to get the full maximum stretch!
 *Next, sit on ground and place feet together. Flap your knees gently  up and down. Imagine you are a BAT flying in the October night sky! Do this stretch for 30 seconds.
 *Roll your shoulders forward 5 times and backwards 5 times. This stretch helps release tension in the neck and shoulders. 

Alison Cardoza, B.S Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at Baptist Milestone Well


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