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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Bit of Modesty

Q: “My husband is bad about walking around naked. I don’t mind it in front of our 4-year-old son, but not our 3-year-old daughter. Right now the two of them giggle at Daddy. We want our children to be sex-healthy, and we intend to explain things to them. But we are disagreeing about modesty. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.”
Joyce: There’s something to be said for keeping the horse in the corral! Different families will approach family nudity in varying ways. Personally, I believe once children can talk and point, it’s time to rein it in. I certainly find no harm in calling the anatomy by name, but exposure is a very personal decision for parents. When two parents disagree, it’s not a cohesive model for the children within the home. 

I believe our culture is far too generous in pushing sexuality on our very young children, hence encouraging an attitude of tolerance for sexual exploration as well as decreasing their propensity to blush. A child will not learn modesty from the world; therefore, parents are his or her best hope for instruction regarding restraint in this area. 

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