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Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Workouts for the Whole Family

FA LA LA LA LA Workouts! Get in the holiday spirit and try these holiday stress relievers at home with your family this month!

12 Days of Fitness Workout
12. Ab crunches
11. Sit to stands
10. Jumping jacks
9. Push-ups
8. Calf raises
7. Step out lunges
6. Squats
5. Pelvic Tilts
4 .Tuck Jumps
3.Run the stairs
2.Jump Rope
And a plank into a push-up.

Challenge your family to do these exercises in order #12 to #1 for 12 straight days!

Holiday Tunes
Turn on your favorite holiday radio station and move and groove to a song! One person in the family operates the radio and turns on/off the song. When the music stops..freeze! Whomever is still moving when it stops must do 15 jumping jacks. This is a great cardio exercise that won’t even feel like exercise!

Here is another fun activity to try! Turn on a holiday song ...example JINGLE BELLS. Listen and everytime the song says “Jingle Bells,” you must jump up and down 5 times! Pick a word in a song that is often said, and incorporate an exercise when that word is said in the song.

Remember to release your stress this holiday season every day. Thirty minutes of exercise helps release endorphines; so you are HAPPY all holiday season long!

Jingle Bells
Barbell curls
Run and jump all day
Sit to stands
Run those stairs
release your stress today!!


Alison Cardoza, BS Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor at Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center.


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