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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why She Loves Presentation

Why I Love My School
Presentation Academy  / By Lindsay Reynolds

My school is special. There isn’t another school like Presentation Academy. It has been around longer than any other private school in Louisville and has more traditions than I can count. One of my favorite things about Pres is the people. Because it is a smaller school, you know almost everyone. As a freshman, I knew people in every grade. Now, as a sophomore, some of my best friends are in different classes. When I first started at Pres, I only knew a few people, and that was intimidating. Little did I know, there were other girls in the same position that I was. People come from all over to go to Pres; that’s what is so great about it. You meet so many new people that will end up becoming your best friends.

I also love all of Presentation’s traditions. Most of them have been around for what seems like forever. You even experience one on your first day of school when you walk in the front door for the first time. You won’t walk out that door again until your last day of senior year. That same day, you sign the tower. Signing the tower is one of the biggest traditions and the last you experience as a senior. Although I still have two years until I sign the tower, it is one of my favorite traditions. You get to leave your mark at Pres before you leave for the last time.

There are so many reasons as to why I love my school, but these are the top two. I can’t imagine going to school anywhere besides Pres and I really do love it here.


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