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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Ask Joyce — Birth Order Matters?

Q: “Do you believe birth order has any effect on children? As much as I try to balance love and attention in the home, one child seems to always be lacking in some area. How can I love them all the same way? Help!”  
Joyce: Love them equally but not the same way. A sure way to bring disorder in your home is to ignore the significance of birth order. It’s as important as gender and runs a close race with genetics.

I can’t answer your question any better than Dr. Kevin Leman’s book, Have a New Kid by Friday. There is much relevance to the concept of birth order, and the personalities of your children go hand-in-hand with these truths, whether they’re first-borns, middle-borns, last-borns, in-betweens, or an only child. It’s not a hard science. You can’t measure it precisely because variables come into play. However, there are strong, reliable factors that can help you shape your child once you understand the lifelong effect these principles have on who he or she becomes. 

Don’t leave any child misunderstanding your love because you didn’t understand how to love him or her properly. Birth order really does matter.

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