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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just Ask Joyce: Coping With an Angry Child

By Joyce Oglesby

Q: My son has suddenly become angry. He’s just turned 9 and has been a tender, sweet child until now. I’m not sure what has come over him, but he’s challenging every day. He has three older sisters, and they never reacted this way. Is this normal for boys?”

Joyce:  It’s time to take stock. I would encourage you to evaluate some of his world and what’s going on within it. Start with these:
Does he have a new circle of friends? Perhaps he’s being influenced by one or several new friends. Invite his buddies into your home and observe their behavior. You’ll know better how to direct him in regard to his choice of friends.
Is he being bullied? You’ll have to do some probing with him. Ask his teachers if they’ve observed anything. It might not be the case, but don’t discount the possibility.

Don’t allow his behavior to continue. Take away privileges, devices, time with playmates. The sooner he comes to understand that there are boundaries he can’t cross, the sooner your home is rid of chaos. Parents need to remember: You’re always bigger than the kid.

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