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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kids in the Kitchen: Celebrate Babies!

Kelsey and Addisyn Fox of Jeffersonville, Indiana, prepare cute-as-a-button
cookies for a baby shower.

By April Allman

Hosting a baby shower soon? Your kids will love helping you make these cute baby cookies for the parents-to-be to enjoy. If you're the one expecting a bundle of joy, making these cookies together with your other kids would also be a great way to get your older children excited about their new sibling.

Kelsey (11) and Addisyn (9) Fox of Jeffersonville, Indiana, recently helped their mom Amy LaMunion prepare these adorable goodies for her co-worker's office baby shower.

Nutter Butter Babies

Makes 16 babies. 

• 8 ounces white candy melts
• food coloring of your choice to color the chocolate
• 16 round white chocolate candy melts, unmelted (faces)
• black decorating gel (and a fine-tipped paint brush)*
      * Kelsey and Addisyn used chocolate syrup and a toothpick instead
• 16 Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
• wax paper

In a small dish, microwave (50% power) the candy melts. Don't over cook. If you do, add a small bit of vegetable shortening.
Dip the Nutter Butter cookies into the colored candy, then place on wax paper to set up. Before the candy shell hardens, press a round white candy melt into the upper section of the cookie, creating the baby's face. Allow to harden. 

When the candy coating has hardened, squirt a little bit of black decorating gel onto the wax paper. Using a fine-tipped paint brush, draw the baby's eyes, nose, and mouth on the white candy melt. Kelsey and Addisyn used chocolate syrup on a toothpick to draw on the faces. 

Allow to harden, then serve.

April Allman is a graphic designer for Today's Family magazine.
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