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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wintry Weather Keeping You Inside? Try This!

By Carrie Vittitoe

School snow days may arrive soon, so here are some ways to break the monotony for your little ones if you can't get out of your house:

Seasonal Silliness — Margo Thornbury, art teacher at Tully Elementary, came up with a fun and funny art project for her students that families can easily do at home. Snap photographs of your children in funny poses. Print or develop the photos and paste to paper. Have children draw seasonal scenes around the photo.

Winter Animal Prints — Children can easily make winter animals using paint and their hand or footprints.

Penguins — Paint children’s feet black and step on white paper. Allow to dry.
Use googly eyes at the heel end of the footprint and paint white bellies. Cotton balls could be used for mounds of snow.

Polar bears — Paint children’s hands white and press on paper. Allow to dry. Paint on polar bear faces.

Cardinals — Paint children’s hands red and make handprint on a sheet of construction paper. Freehand paint a tree branch underneath them.

E-books — Older children to even preschoolers can help write their own e-books using tools such as Storybird (see picture above) and Storyjumper.


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