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Monday, June 20, 2016

Gearing Up for Kindergarten

By Angel Lyn Nance

Do you wonder how to get your child ready for kindergarten? There are many skills that preschool children need to be ready. Some basic but very important skills include being able to listen and follow directions.

Oldham County kindergarten teacher Ashley Haselton advises that each child coming into kindergarten should be able to tell you AND write her first and last name. “Identifying capital letters and saying the ABC’s are also very important. Students should also be able to count to 30 starting from 1. Having these skills will help them be more successful in kindergarten!” 

For further advice, check out Jefferson County’s kindergarten Readiness Recommendations.

Make it Count!
Easy ways to incorporate math for preschoolers into daily life:

  1. Count the steps as you go up or down stairs.
  2. Help measure and pour for a recipe.
  3. Point out shapes while on a walk.
  4. Sort blocks by shape.
  5. Make snakes out of playdough and arrange them according to length (biggest to smallest).


  1. As your child approaches school age, you may be wondering if he has the necessary skills to pass his kindergarten screening. There are several things that you can do to prepare your child to enter the school environment.

  2. I needed this and will weave these tips into our summer fun. Thank you!

  3. Yes, it is very important for children. Teach your child to learn numbers and the alphabet order


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