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Friday, November 25, 2011

To Shop or Not to Shop? That is the Question.

If Socrates were still around, I think he would have asked that question today.  I answer with a joyful, “Shop.”

In my family, it is a tradition to shop at some point on Black Friday.  We shop not because there are sales, but because Christmas is in the air for the first time of the year.  The Peppermint Mochas are being sipped while the carols are played overhead.  There’s just something about the hustle and bustle of people searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones that I just love.

How do you answer the question

Contributed by Miranda G. Popp, Editor of Today's Family Every Day
Photo source: She Knows Parenting

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  1. We have several Thanksgivig Dinners to attend and one of those always on Black Friday. My husband and I decided to venture out late Thursday evening. List in hand, ads circled,coupons in hand only to arrive to lines so long outside of all the stores we wanted to shop at. Needless to say , our enthusiasm dwindled.We did enjoy just driving around and looking at all the sites of people in their tents, camp chairs, bundled like they live in Alaska or elsewhere. Just not really sure what our Forefathers would think about all this rush and craziness on a day where we are to stop and give thanks.Maybe we should stick to the day after sales only.I agree there is something about Black Friday that gives you energy like none other. Maybe it's because we see that their is still hope and giving.
    Jesus is the reason for this season.


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