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Monday, March 26, 2012

So Many Ways to Send Love

LOVE (Letter) (Email) (Facebook Post) (Tweet) (Skype) BLOG to Molly Anne,

We had been awaiting your arrival for forever, and, finally, after a stressful day of tornado weather in our area and stressful labor in New Jersey for your Mommy (and Daddy), you were born! Mommy and Daddy held you first, and within minutes of announcing your birth to your New Jersey family in the waiting room, your image was sent around the world to loving friends and relatives, and to us, your Kentucky Grandparents. 

We first received a text with photos attached that melted us. We won’t actually be able to hold you until our trip to meet you for the first time next month. But we know you already! We get a “cute attack” every day in the form of a text alert from Mommy and Daddy, with your precious photos attached. You are happy, alert for an infant so young. You love taking naps with Daddy, and are pink, and healthy, and, well….just so darn cute! Mommy and Daddy are glowing; they love you so. We are up to the minute with you, Molly Anne, and loving every minute of it!

Before social media, our wait to see you would have been much longer and excruciating. Now, we have photos within minutes of your birth, and many of the minutes since. We text and email and post and tweet and skype and stay close to you in heart.

Welcome, Molly Anne!
With Love, Grandma & Grandpa


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