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Thursday, October 11, 2012

They Have a Nose for the Job!

There are pesty little creatures invading many local families' homes, but don't worry there's someone new in town that's got a nose for sniffing them out. Keith Duncan, Jr., Vice President of Black Diamond Termite and Pest Control, has all of the information to ease your worries when it comes to bed bugs.

What are bed bugs, and should we be on the watch for them?
Bed bugs are small, reclusive insects that rely on meals of blood, mostly from humans, for their survival. While they have not been linked to transmission of disease as of yet, their bites can cause...
...quite a reaction in many people. And since they reproduce quickly, a small infestation can become quite large in a relatively short period of time.

Who is the new addition to the Black Diamond Termite and Pest Control family?
The new additions are: Bugsy, Zachary, and Minnie, our K-9 bed bug detecting dogs that rely on their keen sense of smell to find even the smallest of infestations. While our human inspectors are very capable, they do rely on sight, and since bed bugs are very small and like to hide out of sight, having the ability to find them by smell is a huge advantage to our customers: First, the dogs can pick up the scent of only one bed bug so they pick up early infestation that can be treated more easily than a severe infestation. Second, the dogs do not need to remove bedding and overturn cushions and mattresses in order to inspect so the inspections are less invasive than human inspections. Finally, since these dogs only detect live bed bugs and viable eggs, they will only report if there is a true problem so home and business owners can know that the prescribed treatment is, in fact, what they need.

What should someone do if they think their home might have bed bugs?
Call 877-DEAD-BUG. We can set up a human or K-9 inspection, and if we find evidence of bed bug infestation, we can prescribe the appropriate treatment. We offer both chemical and heat treatments and warranty our work.


  1. Oh my gosh, what kind of dogs are those? They are gorgeous!! I want one!

  2. Those are Patterdale Terriers.


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