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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Top 5 October Gift Ideas

If you're like me, it doesn't seem possible that the last quarter of the year has arrived. It just doesn't seem like that long ago that I was putting away the Christmas decorations… and doesn't it seem like we just finished planting summer annuals? Oh well, here we are… it's October, which, I believe... good news. The air is crisper, the sky is bluer, menus are heartier, wine tastes better, and there are so many fun gift ideas.

These gifts work for everything from October Birthdays to Halloween party hostess gifts to 'thinking of you' gifts for family and friends. And, it's nice to receive gifts out of the blue, especially if you have a winter birthday. Except for Mother's/Father's Day (which was waaaay back in the Spring), there are a lot of folks out there who haven't received a gift in a long time. If the 'out of the blue' idea strikes your fancy, here are 5 thoughts to get you going, complete with HolleyWrap Gift Box ideas to 'round up' the gift.
#1:  Louisville Stoneware has a great display of Halloween items … mugs, platters, trays, bowls & more are adorned with pumpkins and witches.

They have adorable ceramic jack o'lanterns on the shelves right now, too … these may not last long, so what I'm saying is that now is the time to scoop one up!

HolleyWrap Gift Box Suggestion:  One or two Halloween mugs from Louisville Stoneware, freshly roasted whole bean or ground coffee from your local coffee shop, and treats from your favorite bakery all wrapped up in Fall colors. Add coordinating layers of paper and ribbon to create gift boxes with a 'polished' look.

#2: If you're in the market for really scary chocolates this month, don't mess around with the 'fake chocolate' types wrapped up like skeletons or mummies, because Coco's Chocolate Cafe has chocolate-covered insects. Yes, insects! Coco's features some sort of freeze dried critter every Halloween season, and I'm told they get rave reviews. This year's special selection includes crickets, grasshoppers, & Chinese yellow scorpions. I know what you're thinking … gross!!!  But, hey, at least there is nothing fake about these treats. They are genuine 100% organic bugs dripping in genuine 100% chocolate.  Oh, and they sit upon a lovely chocolate throne creation made by Coco's chocolatiers!  

HolleyWrap Gift Box suggestion:  Don't think we need to mess with the presentation on these … they're impressive enough already!  Coco's will box them up for you.
#3:  If stoneware and bugs aren't within your budget or comfort level, how about a bottle of good red wine from your local package store. You can easily easily grab a bottle for under $15. Ask the folks at the store for suggestions … new labels are on the shelves every week, and there just might be something really nice that your intended hasn't tried.

HolleyWrap Gift Suggestion:  1 bottle of Red, a copy of your gift-ee's favorite news journal or magazine … hand-delivered Friday evening for a weekend of relaxation. Tying a simple bow of satin around the bottle neck says elegant downtime.
#4: Drier air seems to just whisk moisture right out of skin; so it won't take long for the Fall air to dry us out a bit. Treat yourself or someone else to a Lemon Ginger Pumpkin Body Scrub. The refreshing fragrant blend of lemon and ginger is sure to lift your spirits while the pumpkin flakes exfoliate dead skin cells. The moisturizing scrub contains vitamin-E and sweet almond oil to help new skin cells stay dewey.

HolleyWrap Gift Box suggestion:  Pair this luscious scrub with a new lush bath towel… use a simple craft box and buttery satin ribbon in an earthy tone for a luxurious 'spa' feeling.

#5: A treat that's perfect for the the season is a gift card from The Comfy Cow. They're topping the taste bud charts with Fall flavors like: Pumpkin Spice 'N Everything Nice - S'mores - Gramma's Sweet Potato Casserole - Pistachio - Caramel Apple Swirl - Brown Butter Peanut Brittle. Better plan ahead right now and step up the aerobic activity… ahhhh, but it's worth every ounce of sweat!

HolleyWrap Gift Box suggestion:  a Fall wrap adds additional sweetness to this delicious gift! Check out this Halloween gift card wrap - an actual gift card sized box is used here, but any small box will work, too. Orange, yellow & red work beautifully with black or brown for a Thanksgiving look. Add some mossy green, too. Who knows?? Your Fall gift may make it's way onto the Thanksgiving Dinner Table come dessert time!

Before I sign off this time, just one more quick reminder about the treasures available to all at Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest . Hiking, running, & play activities fill the October calendar, along with "Fall Colorfest" & "Sky Watch", and a landscape photography class for photo-bugs!   October culminates with the "Scarecrow Jubilee."  Check the website for schedule details, and pack a lunch… or treat everyone to the lovely menu at Isaac's Cafe.

Don’t forget that 'Snake Hollow' is awaiting new visitors!

Contributed by Amy Holley of HolleyWrap, Louisville's Premier Gifting Service.


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